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"You were great! Loved every song and the sound was perfect!" - Judi J., Jacksonville.


"Damn! Great set!  We are so proud of you!" - Don H., radio executive, Medford.

"OverTones were fantastic - great show!  Biggest crowd I've ever seen there - everyone moving, enjoying it. Lots of different covers on the playlist made it fresh and fun!" - D.P., Ashland, OR


"I've been bragging about you - and you were awesome!  My bosses love you!" - Cindy S., Central Point.

"You guys rocked it!  The sound was crazy good!" - Tanya, Medford

"Great job last was a real treat getting to see you perform on that stage!" - Phil, Medford

"You guys looked and sounded awesome!  BRITT looks great on you!" - Patricia S., Medford

"The crowd loved your music, and Jeff's lead playing was great!" - Marshall, Jacksonville

"You rocked it tonite - thanks for the great music." - Patty, Ashland

"WOW - great concert last night! Thanks for a beautiful evening."  - L.S.  Medford, OR

"I've only gotten to see Jeff K and Overtones once at Red Lily and it was FANTASTIC! Will definitely try to catch you there again this summer..." - J.C., Phoenix, OR

"OMG.. I love this upbeat, dancable, and fun and fresh arrangements of covers and the orginals are catchy and make you want to sing along.  Really Good!". - M.R., Ashland, OR


"Absolutely love your band. We had a wonderful time. We will definitely become groupies." - D.O. Ashland, OR


"We enjoyed the music and the people we met at the show.  This is fun music!  -  S.B.  Medford, OR


"We loved it.... You guys have a wonderful sound. It was just splendid."  - T.M., Ashland, OR


"Your band is really good.  Hard to categoraize but it is definitely feel good music". -  E.B.,  Puyallup, WA

"Wow! Great band, great players, great sound, great vocals - you guys have it all!" - B. D. - Ashland, OR

"Your music was fantastic."  - C.R.  Medford, OR


"Awesome!  Can't Wait to hear you guys play again."-  J.Y., Ashland, OR


"Saw Jeff's band last night at Britt and they rocked as usual.  Definitely the best act in the Performance Garden!  The crowd just adored them".  -  Concert goer Ashland, OR


 ""What a great night! Thank you Jeff K & OverTones for the great music!"  -  Concert goer,  Medford, OR


 "Wow, your bass player is really good!" -  Concert goer,  Medford, OR

Briefly tell us about your experience and "What You Like Most" about Jeff K & OverTones.  We appreciate your consent in letting us use your favorable comments for our promotions.  


Thank You for giving us your feedback below.  See You Soon!!!! 


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